Our recommendations are impartial and our accurate cost estimating, detailed scheduling and risk management are rigorously aligned to your business drivers.

Inherent knowledge of construction and installation informs our thinking from the early stages. The connection between concept and construction that is embedded in Xodus Subsea also leads to major advantages in terms of time and cost planning in the subsequent stages of detailed design and beyond.

Our specialist team is backed up by collaboration with Xodus Group, plus a suite of unique software tools to facilitate cost estimation and design. But there is no substitute for experience and we have extensive experience of design, offshore construction and operational support.

Practical, operational experience significantly enhances our front-end design and concept work in a seamless feedback loop. At the start of every project, regardless of scope, we assemble a project team with the relevant skills and experience. The composition of the team is based on each client’s specific requirements. We produce an organigram for every project showing team activities, responsibilities and reporting lines. We answer directly and exclusively to you.

Deliverables include:

  • Development layouts
  • Flow assurance analysis
  • Materials selection
  • Mechanical design to support cost estimation
  • Concept selection workshops
  • Contract strategies
  • Integrity management frameworks, processes and procedures.